Will There Be A Free Cookie Delivery?

Yummy! Did someone say cookies? Who wouldn’t want cookies? But who’s got the time? And who even knows how? You see, the thing is, not everyone knows how to bake fine cookies. Funny thing that, because everyone seems to love cookies. And those that love cookies with a passion, might not always have the time of the day to head off to their local Atlanta bakery and glide their way across the finely polished glass counters where they can linger long at all the warm trays that the local baker spent all morning preparing.

cookie delivery atlanta

But the local baker has joined the crowd. He’s an artist too, so he’s also used the artistic talents of graphic designers and specialist food photographers to put together a delicious-looking portfolio of works. So, those who don’t have time to visit the bakery downtown can always visit it online. And when they see anything they like, they can order their first or next cookie delivery atlanta.

But will the speedy delivery of the yummy goods be free of charge? Only one way to find out. But it is business as usual to offer free deliveries if the customer is merely a few blocks away from the bakery. Why not? No trouble or time at all to deliver the goods free of charge. Of course, cookies are not the only bakery goods that can be delivered to your doorstop or office boardroom. Consider warm and toasted croissants for the first meeting of the week.

Consider hot rolls for the kids’ birthday hotdogs. Speaking of birthdays, let’s not forget the cream of the crop, the traditional birthday cake. And cakes for all other occasions too, like the great big tower-like cake for the wedding banquet.